One in a Billion

One in a Billion - Psychological Health Volunteer

Liu Fengqin has been a psychological health volunteer since 1998. Some of her work is with the elderly and some with children. She’s handled nearly 600 cases. The job brings her much joy and feelings of gratitude.

One in a Billion - First Aid Educator

Jia Dacheng started working as a doctor at the Beijing Emergency Medical Center in 1983. He is the same age as the People’s Republic of China. He’s kept promoting first aid since 1985. 

One in a Billion - Museum Volunteer

As a museum volunteer for 17 years, Zhou Ya thinks that visiting the museum is a lifestyle choice. She says that by entering a museum, you are stepping into a Palace of Knowledge.

One in a Billion - Falling for China

Brown comes from the United States. He’s lived at Xiamen University since 1988. In 1994, he drove 40,000 kilometers around China because many foreigners said they didn’t understand what it was like inland and Brown wanted to see it himself. 

One in a Billion - Stamp Designer and Sculptor

Dong Qi is a professional stamp designer and sculptor with the Postage Stamp Printing Bureau of China Post. At the moment, there are 10 sculptors working at the bureau, making it the largest team of its kind in the world. 

One in a Billion - Documentary Director

Zhang Tongdao, director and professor at Beijing Normal University, records the spirit of the post-2000s generation through his documentaries “Kids Kingdom” and “Born in 2000”.

One in a Billion - Installation Artist

Installation artist Zuo Fengyi turns old car parts into creative artworks with his artist friend Wei Desheng. They got the idea of turning used auto parts into something useful and giving them a new life. 

One in a Billion - Fashion Designer

As one of China’s first-generation fashion designers, Guo Pei is the first Asian designer with the Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture in France. She has witnessed China’s fashion industry grow from scratch. 

One in a Billion - Aesthetics Educator

People want more mental nourishment as the standard of their material lives improves. Xu Juan, an aesthetics educator, organized a professional team from her alma mater to develop a course called "The Journey of Beauty."