China's poverty alleviation experience offers solutions to the world

China has gone from being one of the world's poorest countries to a nation that is determinedly working to help other developing countries to break the shackles of extreme poverty.

Solidarity and struggle behind China’s 70 years of accomplishments

China’s accomplishments over the past 70 years provide concrete evidence that the spirit of unity and struggle is an asset the nation has to maintain to secure its future development.

Beijing's new airport will promote regional and global connectivity

The opening of the new user and environment-friendly international airport in Beijing is expected to strengthen China's links with the rest of the world and promote regional and global connectivity.

Innovation the powerhouse of China's economy

Despite the challenges of unilateralism and protectionism to economic globalization, China is becoming more firmly integrated into the global economy and will promote the strategy of innovation and development.

China's high-quality economic development gathers pace

Positive economic data shows great resilience with a continuous improvement in the competitiveness of Chinese enterprises.

China attracts foreign investors with its strong magnetism

China is continuing to prove itself to be an attractive destination for international investment in the face of a global slowdown in capital flows. 

China's foreign trade sees stable upgrade showing resilience and potential

The trend of high-quality development of China's foreign trade will continue despite an uncertain external environment.

China's new pilot FTZs will give a boost to global economic growth

By increasing the number of pilot free trade zones, Beijing is showing its determination to carry out further reform and open up the country's markets to the world. This move will inject more positive energy into economic globalization.

China's military a driving force in maintaining world peace

China's white paper on national defense makes it clear that the country's national defense in the new era will never seek hegemony, expansion or spheres of influence, but will contribute to maintaining world peace.

China's new tech market to boost high-quality development

China's newly launched market for homegrown tech companies is expected to boost the reform of its capital market and as well as the country’s high-quality development.

Breakthrough for opening up as China slims negative lists for foreign investment

The shortening of the negative lists of sectors in which foreign involvement is restricted will help China boost high-quality growth and create a better business climate for foreign investors.

Shared prosperity will defeat the clash of civilizations

Seeking goodwill with its neighbors and harmony with all nations is the Chinese way of engaging with the world. We should let the drive for shared prosperity rule, so that we can live in a world full of diversity, integrity, harmony, and unity. 

CCTV editorial going viral shows China’s confidence in trade battle

A video of an editorial broadcast on Monday's CCTV prime-time news program has gone viral in China, with netizens showing their support for its strong backing of China's government in response to American pressure in the trade war.  

New research reaffirms Belt and Road fosters growth, connectivity

As the Belt and Road Initiative targets high-quality development, it's expected to continue to bridge infrastructure and connectivity gaps in its participating countries and drive economic growth.

Global scientists invited to share the benefits of space exploration

China’s invited scientists from all countries to take part in its upcoming lunar and deep space exploration, demonstrating its willingness to share its knowledge about our universe with all of humanity. 

China aims at building a maritime community with a shared future

As China celebrates the 70th anniversary of the founding of its navy, President Xi spoke with a foreign delegation about the importance of ensuring that all countries can enjoy the benefits of maritime development and prosperity.

China's Q1 performance lays stable foundation for annual growth

China achieved a better-than-expected economic performance in the first quarter of the year, laying a stable foundation for the country to meet its growth target in 2019. 

China’s Transsion shows us how to do business in Africa

Transsion, a Shenzhen-based mobile phone maker that many Chinese people haven’t heard of, is extremely successful in Africa because of its ability to cater to the need of local customers.

China remains a driver of growth for a delicate global economy

The latest figures from China's statistics bureau and the IMF show that the country remains a major engine for global growth in a time of uncertainty.

China inclusion in Bloomberg index to diversify asset allocation

The inclusion of China's renminbi-denominated bonds in the Bloomberg Barclays Global Aggregate Index will facilitate the diversification of global assets and inject new momentum into global growth.

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