Fascinating China - Pumi people's love for music and nature

Pumi people love music and worship nature. The culture of the Pumi ethnic group has been passed down from generation to generation.

Fascinating China - The sounds of China's Korean ethnic group

The Korean ethnic group in China has more than 40 different kinds of musical instrument that accompany its dance performances, such as the long drum, round drum, dongxiao, duanxiao, and yazheng.

Tai chi master dedicated to passing on "national treasure"

70-year-old Chen Zhenglei started practicing tai chi at the age of 8 and is now known as one of 10 modern masters in China. He has been dedicated to spreading the traditional Chinese technique and has traveled to 58 countries where he set up over 100 classes.

Canadian couple donates unique panels of Chinese cartoons to China

On June 10, the Bleds officially donated the exhibition panels to the Chinese embassy at a ceremony hosted by outgoing Ambassador Lu Shaye.

Meet the Great Green Wall of China

In a big move to address desertification, in 1978, the Chinese government implemented the ''Great Green Wall of China'' Project, a national ecological engineering effort that is considered to be the biggest tree planting project in human history.

Intangible cultural heritage: paper cutting in Pingyao

70-year-old Hou Quanying is the sixth-generation inheritor of the paper cutting of the Ancient City of Pingyao. This year, two of her works will be exhibited at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing. She hopes the traditional art of Chinese paper cutting will be widely spread and flourishing.

Italian chef specializing in Chinese regional cuisines

Gianni spent eight years with a Chinese master chef to learn the secrets of Chinese cuisines. Now, Gianni's restaurants are the top-rated places to eat Chinese food in Rome, Italy.

My China Story – Chasing after big shoes, my father is my goal

“I just always feel like I’ve got very big shoes to chase after, and I try. My dad will always be an almost unreachable goal, but I try!”

My China Story – Simon Carson aims to seek more business opportunity in China

Simon has been doing different forms of martial arts or MMA training for about 20 years and has been importing fitness goods from China for more than a decade. 

"Underground" Chinatown in Mexico 2

Ruben "Junior" Chen, a Chinese-Mexican businessman, is trying to protect the "underground Chinatown" in Mexicali. Chen has opened five basements but is working on restoring more. 

"Underground" Chinatown in Mexico

Welcome to "La Chinesca," a special Chinatown in Mexicali, Mexico. This Chinatown is unlike others around the world for one reason: It's underground!

South African teacher reminisces life in China

"After a while, I started to realize that this was actually teaching them the work ethic that I was seeing in China, which is what built China and took China from where it was 20 years ago, to where it currently is," said Xolelwa Kali, an English teacher who used to work in Xiamen, southeast China’s Fujian.

Emma Chen introduces authentic Chinese food to South Africans

Emma Chen is a restaurant owner in Johannesburg, South Africa. Chen came to South Africa to study in the 1980s, and has made South Africa her home.

A peek at the Potala Palace

Here is a peek at the Potala Palace, in Tibet Autonomous Region, China. Each year, thousands of pilgrims from around the world visit to pay homage to this grand monument to Tibet’s rich cultural heritage. 

Taking-off from the roof of the world on the Tibetan Plateau

The airport in the Yarlung Zangbo River Valley on the Tibetan Plateau is demanding on pilots. It's also one of the first places tourists visit when they come to see this beautiful and unique part of China. 

An interview on Journey to the West

Journey to the West is one of the most famous literary works from ancient China. Its popularity has spread across Asia, and local variations of the story have blossomed.

Chinese, Russian marines compete in steeplechase

Chinese and Russian marines have competed in steeplechase in Qingdao as part of a joint naval exercise.

Chinese, Russian marines in live-fire competition

Chinese and Russian marines have taken part in a light weapons live-fire competition in Qingdao as part of a joint naval exercise.

Russian fleet arrives for joint naval exercise

A Russian naval fleet has arrived in Qingdao for a joint naval exercise with the Chinese Navy, with the exercise due to run until May 4th.

Young woman introduces ethnic culture to tourists

26-year-old Kim Miryeong is a member of China's Korean ethnic minority group. She is now working as a guide and a dancer in Hongqi Village, which is billed as China's No.1 Korean ethnic village.

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