Say hello to the Qatar Garden at the Beijing Expo

The Qatar Garden is one of the largest, tallest, and most popular foreign pavilions at the Beijing Expo. Visitors can not only enjoy the innovative landscape design of the Gulf country, but also experience local life of Qataris.

Feast for the eyes: Hand-made Pakistani furniture at the Beijing Expo

The International Horticultural Exhibition is underway in Beijing's northwest. It has had more than two million visitors come to enjoy its feast for the eyes. One of the standout exhibitions is the Pakistan Garden.

Digital show brings ancient Chinese horticulture to life

A digital show is bringing ancient Chinese horticulture to life for audiences at the China Pavilion of the 2019 Beijing International Horticultural Exhibition.

Lightning Underwater World

Check out this light show of the Underwater World in the rehearsal of Beijing Expo 2019.

A Glimpse of Beijing Expo 2019

This is a glimpse of 2019 World Horticultural Exposition. Beijing Expo 2019 will be held in Yanqing, Beijing from April to October of 2019, lasting for 162 days.

Beijing 2019 Horti-Expo engineer talks about expo venue construction

Lu Feng from the 2019 Beijing Horti-Expo construction group spoke about the design and technology behind the China exhibition area inside the Expo.