Manling's Journals

Starfish And Salmon Appear on His Philanthropic Genome Map

The number 127 was a signpost in the career of the former investment banker turned NGO founder Chung To. He’s now the head of the Chi Heng Foundation, the NGO he established in Hong Kong in 1998 with a mere 100 Hong Kong dollars. 

Animals Are Not Moving Objects

“Animals are not moving objects!” This is the strongest message I received from Grace Ge Gabriel, a through and through animal conservationist who has been leading the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) office in China since she founded it in 1997, fighting battles at the forefront of wildlife protection, something rather remote from my own life and career.

The Evolving Bubble of Love and Protection

Joy Chen is well known in China for becoming the deputy mayor of Los Angeles at the age of 31 and for her 2012 book “Do Not Marry Before Age 30”. She learned the frog bubble story from her five-year-old daughter whose teacher taught mindfulness to their class at a very young age.

From Exclusive to Inclusive, David Goes Universal

When I was told that my next interviewee, David Lai, was a young blind pianist whose talent has won domestic and international acclaim, I was uncertain about how close I’d be able to get to him to dig into his life for a profile story. Despite having worked in radio for several decades, this was my first interview with a blind person, or more accurately, with a person with a physical disability.

Love of China Lies in the Eyes of the Beholder

David Ferguson was heavily involved in the translation of Volume I and II of "Xi Jinping: The Governance of China" along with innumerable other political and non-political texts. 

From the invisible to the visible: She sees hope amid the smog

I was happy to hear Fu Lu say that she is surrounded by other women like her. Women who are less concerned with money than they are with the public good. 

She Sees the Blind Spot in the Relationship of Trust

"My theory is that because China is a close friend, we never invested to study China somehow... For us, China was a brother. So this feeling that we need to develop an expertise and understanding each other, I think it came a bit late but now it is there."

A Chinese Character Yuan (缘) Unfolds His 3D Life In China

David Moser loves China because it provides something he can't live without: boundless intellectual stimulation. 

Mr. No Has Achieved Yes with Diligence

His stories of growth are both intriguing and enlightening: intriguing, because every time an opportunity came his way his initial reaction was to turn it down; and enlightening, because with every opportunity he grew and thrived and was able to serve the growing needs of his country.

The "Harvey the Rabbit of Media"

When I asked him how he came to settle down permanently in Beijing, he said with a sly smile that it was because he was still keen to pursue new and different things. 

He Relays "Lei Feng Spirit" in Modern Volunteerism

Wenzhang caught our attention because of his involvement in writing last year's State of the World's Volunteerism Report (SWVR), which for the first time included two cases from China based on field research.