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Wang Xinfeng: a well-known taxi driver in Beijing

"My name is Wang Xinfeng. I joined Beijing Shouqi Taxi Company in 2005. Before that I served in the army."

Jason Bell: we still have choices to protect wild life

"When China speaks these days, the world is listening, as we all know. And, I think, this will have a huge impact on curbing the illicit trade in wildlife products moving forward," said Jason Bell, vice president of IFAW. 

In China, he sets the reset button for his life

Mori Masatsugu is an editor and translator from Japan, who has been living in Beijing for about 15 years.

A cultural bridge between China and Indonesia

Gandhi says China has become his first home. It was here that he first met his wife and started his company, which is dedicated to film and television exchanges and cooperation between China and Indonesia.

Wang Qian: a single lady with stories to tell

"I'm single and 37, still living with my parents. For some time, I felt like I was in a crisis at my age, but now I think it is fine, I'm OK. You can find many people in the same circumstances in Beijing."

An online celebrity and a chicken farmer owner

"Things started getting better when I used the Kuai video App. About a year ago, I uploaded my first video recording the moment when the chickens hatched. It became a trending post..."

Cui Xinyi: a foodie and a restaurant owner

"My husband and I are very happy about the decision to shift into the catering business. Both of us love cuisine. Wherever I go, I love to search and find speciality food; after we've tried new dishes, my husband tries to remake them at home. We're a perfect match. "