AI most promising in 2018 for Chinese startups: report

AI is considered by Chinese entrepreneurs as the most promising area in the innovation economy in 2018, followed by life science/healthcare and big data, according to a Silicon Valley Bank report.

AI-driven technology reshaping city traffic in China

In Hangzhou, "City Brain", an AI platform on Alibaba's cloud infrastructure, pulls in traffic and weather data and analyzes real-time traffic flow, adjusting traffic lights accordingly.

With the application of speech input and face recognition, Artificial Intelligence or AI is not in the lab or sci-fi fiction, but is already part of our lives. China is also embracing the development of this technology, from government reports to the market, AI has been one of the top trending terms since 2017. What can we expect in the future? Will technology replace human beings? We interviewed entrepreneurs from start-ups and tech giants. Take a look and hear the views from industry insiders.


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