AI-driven technology reshaping city traffic in China

In Hangzhou, "City Brain", an AI platform on Alibaba's cloud infrastructure, pulls in traffic and weather data and analyzes real-time traffic flow, adjusting traffic lights accordingly.

China to publish guideline on AI development: minister

China will soon publish a guideline and detailed regulations on AI development to make breakthroughs in critical technologies in this industry, Minister of Science and Technology Wan Gang said Saturday.

Intel senior executive impressed about Chinese AI research, development

Intel Vice President of Strategy Innovation and Planning of Programmable Solutions Group Vincent Hu said Saturday that he is very much impressed about artificial intelligence (AI) research in China in recent years.

Huawei, Vodafone claim to make first 5G phone call

Chinese mobile giant Huawei and British telecom provider Vodafone claimed to have made the first 5G data phone call in the world this week, the latest development in the race to faster mobile data connections.

Xiaomi, Microsoft plan AI cooperation

​Xiaomi inked a deal with Microsoft on Friday to deepen cooperation in artificial intelligence, cloud computing and laptops, as part of the Chinese smartphone vendor's going-global efforts this year.

Chinese university adopts AI for test paper correction

A university in east China's Zhejiang Province has introduced artificial intelligence (AI) to correct the test papers on the Chinese language course for its students.

Beijing to build technology park for developing artificial intelligence

A technology park dedicated to developing artificial intelligence will be built in Beijing in five years, authorities said.

World’s No. 1 Go player to compete against Chinese AI

Ke Jie, the world’s top-ranked player of the Chinese chess game Go, announced that he will resume playing against Artificial Intelligence (AI) Go players and will battle with domestically developed AI player Tianrang in April 2018. 

China's first AI-based TCM clinic opens in Wuzhen

China's first Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) clinic based on an artificial intelligence (AI) diagnosis system opened in Zhejiang Province on Saturday, November 25, 2017, reported.

Policewoman becomes first in China to direct traffic with artificial intelligence

A young police officer from Hangzhou, capital of east China's Zhejiang Province, has become the first to direct traffic with artificial intelligence, reports

AI-related courses to be set up in China’s primary and secondary schools

AI-related and coding courses are expected to be set up in China’s primary and secondary schools, said the State Council on the recently issued document of the Next Generation Artificial Intelligence Development Plan.