CIIE marks a new era of intellectual property protection

More than 100 technologies and products from around the globe have been unveiled for the first time at this year's expo, corroborating that the world’s producers value China’s efforts to improve intellectual property protection.

China continues to buttress an open world economy

Xi put forward three proposals for promoting open cooperation among countries as well as five measures to step up China’s opening-up when addressing at the opening ceremony of the first China International Import Expo.

China’s import expo and its reform and opening-up

The China International Import Expo is an opportunity for China to celebrate the milestone of the four decades of its reform and opening-up, and to start a new phase of economic reform.

China's economic resilience provides ammunition for trade war

China doesn't want this fight, but it has the ammunition it needs if a fight can't be avoided.

Reform of free trade zones to give a boost to national innovation

The bottom line is that China's government is seeking to make the most of the opportunities presented by the development of its pilot free trade zones. 

Globalization and free trade are the right things

China is confident that globalization and free trade are the right things for China and the rest of the world.