• NAMEKelsang Wangdu
  • CAREERWeaver
  • AREATibet
  • NAMEDeng Baiyu
  • CAREERNurse
  • AREASichuan
  • NAMEDeng Daqing
  • CAREEROrange farmer
  • AREAJiangxi
  • NAMETurshunjan Sawut
  • CAREERFarmer
  • AREAXinjiang
  • NAMECao Zhengming
  • CAREERFarmer
  • AREAGuizhou
  • NAMEYuan Tuhui
  • CAREERHorticulturist
  • AREAGuizhou
  • NAMEZhang Min
  • CAREEROnline shop owner
  • AREAChongqing
  • NAMEQin Chengxin
  • CAREERSeamstress
  • AREAHenan

From late last year to the beginning of this year, CRI has sent out a batch of reporters to several counties across China, which were among the 28 counties who had been lifted out of poverty in 2017, and to explore the efforts behind the poverty alleviation.

In the following, we will tell you the stories of several ordinary people who have benefited from the poverty-alleviation efforts.

Tsethang, Tibet

Because of weaving, my family is living a much better life now. I hope the craft of making Tsethang serge can be promoted and inherited.

Wangdu joined the weaving
cooperative right after its
founding in 2007. Now the old
carpenter and herdsman has grown to become a master craftsman, making a generous salary to support his family.

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Guang’an, Sichuan

Don't let disabilities and poverty go hand in hand.

Deng Baiyu is a nurse in a
government-run nursing home
in Guang’an. He takes care of
four disabled people. Because
of his work, four families have
been able to escape poverty as
they can spare the time to work

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Ruijin, Jiangxi

Many of them reached out when I was
in need. Now it's time for me to return
the favour.

By growing navel oranges, disabled Ruijin-based farmer Deng Daqing has managed to
get back on an even keel and
has also helped many local villagers escape poverty.

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Ili Prefecture, Xinjiang

For the days when I'm not in the field I'm anxious. But once I start working again, I feel like
I'm living life fully.

Just like what Turshunjan
Sawut does for life, orchard
planting has turned to a major
project for poverty relief in
Qapqal County of Xinjiang
Autonomous Region.

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Chishui, Guizhou

Running water is never stale and a door-hinge never gets eaten by worms. So men should always work in similar fashion.

In Chishui, Guizhou, many people, like Cao Zhengming have turned to bamboo farming to help pull themselves out of poverty.

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Chishui, Guizhou

To get rid of poverty, one should be industrious, willing and steadfast, besides, refusing to remain being poor, and should diligently plan for their future.

Dendrobium Nobile is a rare plant that is used in traditional Chinese medicine. Its origin is in Chishui, Guizhou. With the help of the local government, people like Yuan Tuhui have learned to cultivate the plant, helping establish a lucrative industry in this area.

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Being bold and brave and dreaming what you want to dream, those hurdles will vanish and opportunities will appear

Through an e-commerce platform, many villagers in southwest China’s Xiushan county are welcoming their
new lives. Zhang Min is one of them.

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Hua County, Henan

Now I can provide better clothes and food to my kids, which makes us all a lot happier.

Relocating factories from coastal regions to rural villages in central China's Henan Province has created 30,000 jobs for local workers. This helps to keep families together, creates stability, and eliminates poverty.

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