Buzzwords for Today's China

Buzzwords for Today's China: One-Stop Service

In 2014, a local civil affairs bureau in China spent eight months trying to open a nursing home. They visited 39 government departments and collected 133 seals, but that was still not enough to get it approved.

Buzzwords for today's China: Lift the Burden

Chinese primary school students spend almost three hours a day doing homework, about three times the global average. New government policies are hoping to signficiantly reduce that burden.

Buzzwords for today’s China: Scan Me

China now has more than 750 million mobile Internet users. About two-thirds of them use mobile payment apps.

Buzzwords for today’s China: Sharing

The walk home from your bus stop or subway station can seem like it lasts forever at the end of a long day. It’s times like these that have made bike sharing so popular for commuters across China.

Buzzwords for today's China: River Chief

Every day 50-year-old Zhang Hongxing walks more than 2 kilometers to make sure rubbish and sewage is kept out of his local river. He is one of 900,000 River Chiefs across China.

Buzzwords for today's China: Unmanned

China is becoming the world leader in AI technology. Check out the video to see how a "ghost port" and an army of 20,000 little robots are turning the future into a reality today.

Buzzwords for today's China: One Village, One Product

Ordinary products like oranges and bamboo are helping lift millions out of poverty across China.