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Fix weak links for beautiful China and world

China's Minister for the Environment says that the country will take tough measures to fix environmental and ecological problems that stand in the way of efforts to build a moderately prosperous society. 

China has more say in 5G standardization: NPC deputy

Deputies of this year's National People's Congress have said China will make a huge contribution to the creation of the 5G international standard.

Fair and quality education for every child: education minister

China's education minister has said that the country will make more efforts to build world-class universities. Meanwhile he also vowed to further ease the burden on Chinese students.

AI a new growth driver to China's manufacturing capacity: NPC deputy

China's AI technology sector has developed at a fast pace in recent years, with the industry receiving 188 billion yuan of investment and financing in the last year alone. 

China's top political advisory body concludes annual session

The annual session of China's top political advisory body came to a close with adoption of a series of draft resolutions, including the work report of the Standing Committee of the CPPCC National Committee.

China unveils major cabinet reshuffle

China unveils major cabinet reshuffle

‚ÄčConstitutional amendment good for China's enduring stability,analysts

China's recent constitutional amendments are being described as both necessary and urgent for China's development, suggesting the country needs a stronger leadership to further its economic reform and achieve sustainable growth.

Chinese President calls for deepened military-civilian integration

Chinese President Xi Jinping has stressed practical efforts to further deepen military-civilian integration to provide impetus and support for realizing the Chinese dream and the goal to build a strong military.

Teachers should be classified as civil servants: NPC deputy

Deputies to the National People's Congress are suggesting that China is facing an uneven distribution of educational resources.

China's national legislature adopts landmark constitutional amendment

The National People's Congress, China's national legislature, has adopted a set of amendments to the country's Constitution.

China doesn't want trade war with US: commerce minister

China's Commerce Minister has said that China does not want to be in a trade war with the United States, but it is ready to respond to any challenges in trade and defend its national interests.

China to promote delivery of technological innovation

The Minister of Science and Technology, Wan Gang, says the government is working to increase the speed with which China's technological innovations are transformed into practical applications. 

Digital currency will go through tests before issuance: PBOC Governor

China's central bank has said that its research into digital currency is still progressing, and reiterated that digital currency products need to be tested before they are put into use.

Chinese leaders underline rural vitalization, high-quality development

Chinese President Xi Jinping highlighted the importance of development in rural areas of the country while speaking with national legislators from Shandong Province in a panel discussion on Thursday.

Tax cut and administrative fees reduction highlights fiscal 2018

China's Ministry of Finance has submitted its budget report and budget plan to the 13th National People's Congress for legislators to review and provide feedback. 

China remains staunch supporter of free trade: FM

China's Foreign Minister Wang Yi said that China will remain a firm supporter of free trade, regional cooperation, and the economic integration of the Asia-Pacific region.

Draft constitutional amendments endorsed by Chinese leadership, lawmakers

Reviewing and discussing amendments to the Chinese Constitution have been a major task for national legislators and political advisors gathered in Beijing for their annual sessions.

Yang Jia: The visually impaired deserves equal access to cinemas

Professor Yang Jia, the only visually impaired member of the CPPCC, China's top political advisory body, is pushing for the promotion of accessible films and accessible cinema for people with visual impairments.

China endeavoring to push the healthcare reform: NPC deputies

Deputies to this year's NPCsuggest a new series of changes to the health care system, including an increase in basic medical insurance benefits, are going to help ease a growing burden on the country's medical system.

‚ÄčTop Chinese economy officials confident of achieving growth target despite challenges

China's economic planner is expressing confidence in achieving the 6.5 percent annual growth target set for this year by the Chinese government, suggesting domestic consumption will become a stronger force behind economic growth.

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