China’s Constitutional Change a Prophecy based on Past and Present

During this year's national legislative and political advisory sessions, heated discussion has arisen on the draft revisions to China's Constitution. Undoubtedly, the move to amend the Constitution speaks to the legal and political future of China.

Why do China's constitutional amendments pave the way for its governance modernization?

As the world’s largest developing country and second largest economy, China is geared for further steady growth and development. This requires a smooth path free of bumps or sharp turns. Amendments to the Constitution help clear possible bumps and build buffer zones for the road ahead.

Foreign minister’s press briefing showcases Beijing’s balancing act

While the focus of the annual session of China’s National People’s Congress (NPC) is largely domestic, it also serves as a means for Beijing to signal its intentions and trajectory to the rest of the world. 

Wang Yi lays out China's diplomatic agenda for 2018

Foreign Minister Wang Yi's press conference came at a very important juncture in time as China has entered the new era and this year's political season in China is ushering in change, thus making it important to showcase the country's foreign policy.

China is shaping the world-What the West should do

Mutual understanding is easily lost in translation, especially between Chinese-language and English. Therefore it's crucial for the corporate and political decision-makers in the West to get a first-hand understanding of China.

Two sessions with two messages: Stability and growth

China now has the world's largest middle-income group because Chinese's personal income has increased by an annual average of 7.4 percent, outpacing economic growth.

Who doesn't want global growth?

There is a new vibrancy emanating from China today. Economic growth continues unabated at over 6.5 percent and  literally hundreds of millions of Chinese are reaping the rewards of high speed rail, foreign travel, electric vehicles and cleaner air. 

Premier Li’s work report: Full speed ahead

Americans with little or no knowledge of China's governance might think that the annual report is like our State of the Union address; it's not. In fact, they're as different as apples and oranges.

Premier's speech highlights China's R&D push

Discussions about technology in China often focus on the things people might see in their day-to-day lives, but China has been making huge investments into other advanced technologies in a range of areas that Premier Li touched on throughout his speech. 

Interpreting the "balanced scorecard" of Chinese government

GDP is not a suitable indicator to lead a country. This is a criticism often heard about the Chinese government’s economic planning. The irony is that probably no-one would agree more to that statement than the Chinese government themselves. 

Government work report predicts China's solid entry into new era

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang has presented the government work report in which he sketched the achievements made over the past five years and emphasized the targets for this year.

2018 CPPCC session sets path of socialist modernization for China

The current CPPCC has 2,158 members, including people from entertainment, sports, science, business, non-Communist parties, and representatives of religions and ethnic minority groups.

China's growing role in Middle East

The Arab world looks positively to the growing role of China in the region. This is logical and natural; the region needs political cooperation and economic partnership.

Proposed constitutional amendment a common aspiration of CPC, people: article

An article under the byline of Xuan Li stressed that the proposal to write Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era into China's Constitution is a common aspiration of the whole Party and Chinese people.

Grassroots public servant brings community voices to policy makers

Of the nearly 3,000 deputies to the National People's Congress (NPC), China's top legislature, many are from grassroots positions.

Small, Significant---Story of CPPCC National Committee Member Deng Xiaohong

65-years-old Deng Xiaohong is a good story teller

China idolizes peace, seamless growth in Asia Pacific region

By Yasir Habib KhanWhen it comes to uphold the supremacy of peace on international affairs