Today's Take: What is a Government Work Report?

In China, the Government Work Report is delivered at the annual session of the NPC. So what is a Government Work Report? And how is it different from the State of the Union Address in the U.S.? Check it out in Today's Take episode two.


China changes: Smog

Air pollution was common in many cities across China. At last year's Two Sessions, Premier Li Keqiang vowed to battle the smog and "make our sky blue again". How is this battle going? Watch the video to find out.

NPC Deputy’s view on environmental protection

Faced with global warming and the domestic challenges on pollution, what is China's next step to further improve its environment? Check out the video to see what lawmakers say. 

Ambassadors laud China's achievements

Ambassadors to China have spoken highly of the country's achievements, during exclusive interviews with reporters from China Radio International (CRI).

Technology in everyday life: AI now and in the future

China's AI technology sector has developed at a very fast pace. In 2017 the industry received about 28 billion US dollars of investment and financing.

Ambassadors to China: China promotes global economic recovery

Ambassadors to China have spoken highly of the country's achievements, during exclusive interviews with reporters from China Radio International (CRI).

5G era is almost here!

The era of 5G technology is almost here. Users in China are expected to enjoy even faster Internet speeds soon, but possibly still at 4G era prices.

Foreigners' views on 'Two Sessions'

What are foreigners' concerns about the Two Sessions? Watch this video to learn about their views and expectations of China.

China changes: Toilet revolution

Toilets in China used to be a big complaint of many visitors. So the Chinese government started a "Toilet Revolution," not only to upgrade the facilities themselves, but also to change the habits of many Chinese people.

'Two Sessions' in foreign reporters' eyes

More than 3,000 journalists are covering China's Two Sessions, including a growing number of foreign reporters compared to previous years.

NPC Deputy's view on AI

Google CEO once said that Artificial Intelligence could have "more profound" implications for humanity than electricity or fire, according to recent comments. But Chinese professional Wang Shuguo, who is also a National People's Congress Deputy, has different ideas.

Today's Take: Why do China’s citizens trust their government

Chinese people have greater trust in their government than people in other countries, according to a recent American Edelman Trust Barometer survey. Why do Chinese people have so much trust in their government?

China changes: National reading

How has the "Two Sessions" changed Chinese people's reading habits? Tap on the video to find out.

"Seeing no obstacles"

Yang Jia is the only visually impaired CPPCC member, or China’s national advisor. She is a professor with the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and has her Master’s in Public Administration from Harvard Kennedy School.

Little Big China - Community Care

By 2020, China's senior population is expected to reach 225 million. Guan Mucun, an NPC deputy from Tianjin and a renowned Chinese singer, sees a solution in building stronger communities that can cater towards this population.

Little Big China - a CPPCC member

Who are the people behind the CPPCC and what are they doing? China’s top advisory body, the CPPCC, is made up of a number of professionals and academics. One of the members is Aikebaier Mijiti.