Together in Beijing

Together in Beijing - Dimash Kudaibergen

Kazakhstan is a founding member of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization. A famous Kazakh singer in China provides insight into the ties between China and Kazakhstan.

Together in Beijing - Umarova Yasmina

More and more international students from Shanghai Cooperation Organization countries have come to China to study in recent years. Uzbek student Umarova Yasmina is one such student. After living in China for six years, she calls the country her second home.

Together in Beijing – Olim Alimov

Olim Alimov runs Octoplus, a consulting firm that provides investment advice to clients under the Belt and Road Initiative. 

Together in Beijing – Victoria Khu

As a third-generation Chinese-Russian, 23-year-old Victoria Khu says in China, as long as people are willing to work hard, they will have opportunities.