Gelao Nuo Opera: a living fossil of Chinese opera

A people long associated with bamboo, the Gelao are one of the oldest ethnic groups in southwest China's Guizhou Province. Their Nuo Opera is an ancient form, dating back 2,000 years.

Chinese in Melbourne: Violence must stop in Hong Kong

Around 1,000 people gathered in Melbourne's downtown, most of whom supported police and condemned violence in Hong Kong.

Rap song "Hong Kong's Fall" goes viral on social media

A rap song called "Hong Kong's Fall" by Tianfu Shibian, a hip-hop band from southwest China's Sichuan Province, went viral on social media. Netizens sang high praise for the song.

HK police on airport violence: Officer drawing pistol is correct and lawful

Hong Kong police have claimed that the illegal demonstration at airport on August 13 was not “PEACEFUL” protest but instead violence, vowing to strictly enforce the law and fully investigate the illegal violent actions. 

Why people say "no" when Hillary Clinton "stands in solidarity" with others

Hillary: "May we all stand in solidarity with the people of Hong Kong..." Netizens: "No please. Last time you stand in solidarity with others -- Libya, Syria, Iraq, Yemen... all of them burned to the ground."

Hong Kong court prohibits rioters from airport

A Hong Kong court issued an interim injunction order on Wednesday, prohibiting the protesters from staying at the Hong Kong International Airport, after the aviation hub was paralyzed for two days since Monday.

Jackie Chan: "I'm a guard for our national flag."

Hong Kong movie star Jackie Chan vowed to guard China's national flag, after a handful of radical protesters in the city flung the flag into the sea. 

'Stop messing up Hong Kong! We've had enough!'

Strikes, riots, traffic disruptions... Protesters mess up Hong Kong. More and more Hong Kong citizens rebuke those protesters: "What a shame! What a shame to Hong Kong!"

‘Don’t get in the way of my work!’

"They should emigrate to whichever countries they like if they are not satisfied (with Hong Kong)", said a Hung Hom Cross-Habour Tunnel employee who admonished radicals for interrupting her work.

Women weave 'rainbows' in Tibet

"There's no need for women here to worry about marriage because we can weave rainbows!" said Dga'ri, inheritor of traditional Tibetan weaving techniques. These techniques were created according to the colors of the rainbow over 1,000 years ago.

The real truth behind Hong Kong protests

The violence in Hong Kong attracted widespread media attention. However, some of the reports are extremely biased, and some are even malicious. 

Hong Kong residents: Enough!

When being asked about the feelings towards what's happening recently in Hong Kong, local residents say they are worried and sad.

Solemn flag-raising ceremony held at Pui Kiu Middle School in Hong Kong

A solemn flag-raising ceremony was held at Pui Kiu Middle School in Hong Kong Monday morning, attended by the principal, teachers, students and other staff.

The Mongolian ethnic group and its Gesar epic tradition

The ethnic Mongolian and Tibetan people created the heroic figure of Gesar, who vanquishes monsters to bring people happiness. Gesar is not only a legend, but also a living epic.

Tai chi master dedicated to passing on "national treasure"

70-year-old Chen Zhenglei started practicing tai chi at the age of 8 and is now known as one of 10 modern masters in China. He has been dedicated to spreading the traditional Chinese technique and has traveled to 58 countries where he set up over 100 classes.

Best neighbors ever!

A child climbed out of a window on the 6th floor in southwest China's Chongqing and hung there. Neighbors, who discovered the child, created an "air cushion" with a discarded quilt. They were able to catch him when he fell down.

Restoring the Great Wall with traditional methods

Using mules and old bricks, Chinese workers are restoring the Great Wall using traditional building techniques in a bid to preserve the original look of the famous landmark.

Digital show brings ancient Chinese horticulture to life

A digital show is bringing ancient Chinese horticulture to life for audiences at the China Pavilion of the 2019 Beijing International Horticultural Exhibition.

Motorized stair climber on display in Beijing

​A new version of a motorized lift to assist the elderly in going up and down stairs easily and safely is on display at the China National Science and Technology Week event taking place in Beijing.

A peek at the Potala Palace

Here is a peek at the Potala Palace, in Tibet Autonomous Region, China. Each year, thousands of pilgrims from around the world visit to pay homage to this grand monument to Tibet’s rich cultural heritage. 

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