Video of a dancing school principal becomes a big hit online

A video of a principal in China leading a dance performance by students during school assembly has gone viral on social media both in China and overseas.

Hot Topics – Peppa Pig, Jackie Chan, Cai Xukun, Lu Han, Dead Pigs – Episode 2

What are the hot and trending entertainment topics in China? Check out more on this episode of Hot Topics with Ioana.

GAC Motors Urumqi production base

More than 500 cars come off this assembly line every month at this automotive production base in Urumqi, Xinjiang.

Urumqi Nang shop

Nang, a form of crusty flatbread, is a staple food in Xinjiang. In this shop in Urumqi, you can find the bread in various shapes and flavors.

World's first U.N. Braille Day

January 4th is World Braille Day. Yang Jia is the vice chair of the United Nations Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, and she used this occasion to made her voice heard.

Chinese Aged Home in Joburg

The Hong Ning Chinese Aged Home, established in about 1977 in Belgravia, Johannesburg is the only one of its kind in South Africa. The home is run purely on donations and fund-raising by a committee.

Chinese girls having hair braided into African styles

With a passion of trying new things, these four Chinese girls had their hair braided into different African styles in Joburg, South Africa. It took each of them over three hours to make the change. What a surprise!

Tips for working in different countries

You might have an intention of working abroad, or maybe you are looking for a job overseas. Whether you are working in countries from India to South Africa or Australia to the USA, here are several useful tips for you to know! 

Panama, China celebrate ties with photos and paintings

A photo exhibition featuring cultural and tourist attractions in Panama has been held at Dayu School in western Beijing. Students of the school have also taken the opportunity to present their paintings focusing on the theme of China-Panama friendship.

Sandstorm sweeps through Gansu

​A massive sandstorm has created sci-fi-like images after sweeping through the city of Zhangye in Gansu Province on Sunday, November 25. 

Did you say 'Hello' today?

November 21 marks the annual World Hello Day. Founded in 1973, the day encourages people to resolve conflicts through communication rather than the use of force.

PLA's Hong Kong Garrison holds public drills

The People's Liberation Army (PLA) Hong Kong Garrison held drills on Saturday, showcasing real combat capabilities to the public.

Robot ping-pong tutor challenges visitors at CIIE

Forpheus, an AI-based "table tennis tutor," is playing with a visitor at the first China International Import Expo(#CIIE). 

Cars can fly!

Cars can fly! The flying car Aeromobil from Slovakia with a top speed of 160 km/h on the ground and a top speed of 360 km/h in the sky shows up at the China International Import Expo.

Chinese school in South Africa

Featuring between 10 to 12% of Chinese or Korean students, the Pretoria Chinese School is the only school in Africa that teaches Chinese as a compulsory subject. 

Artificial intelligence anchors news for Xinhua

An AI-assisted English anchor was co-launched by Xinhua News Agency and internet company Sogou at the 5th World Internet Conference in Wuzhen on November 7. How was his first day on job? Here is his debut.

CIIE visitors cleared to 'fly' a Boeing 787 Dreamliner

A flight deck demonstrator for the Boeing 787 Dreamliner was set up in the intelligent and high-end equipment pavilion of the China International Import Expo (CIIE) in Shanghai. 

Aerial view of Shanghai's stunning nightscape ahead of CIIE

Shanghai, host to the inaugural China International Import Expo (#CIIE), is gearing up for the upcoming event to be kicked off on Monday, November 5. Check out the video to enjoy an aerial view of the city's stunning nightscape!

Rice noodles with water snails

Luosifen, or rice noodles with water snails, is a popular street food of Liuzhou City in south China's Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region.

Shanghai evening - the other side of the host city of CIIE

The first China International Import Expo will be held in Shanghai from Nov. 5th to Nov. 10th. More than 3,000 companies from 130 countries will display their fine products at the expo.

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