Efforts to protect Siberian tigers in China

Sunday is the 8th International Tiger Day, an annual celebration to raise awareness for tiger conservation. Check out the video and meet a two-month-old Siberian tiger, and see how China is protecting these big cats.

Wow! Super-sized mosquito found in SW China's Sichuan

A Chinese entomologists has found a giant mosquito with a wing span of 11.15 centimeters.

New longer Fuxing bullet train being tested in Beijing

A new model of China's domestically-produced Fuxing bullet train is undergoing trials on a test line in eastern Beijing. It is twice as long as the trains that are currently running on some of China's busiest high-speed train routes. 

Robot to be used to spot traffic violations

A highway patrol robot for handling traffic violations is being tested around China.

“Long-skirt-sister” saves a 4-year-old boy’s life

“Long-skirt-sister” saves a 4-year-old boy’s life

Fastest and highest two line zip-wire in the world

A giant two line zip-wire which organizers claim to be the fastest and highest in the world opened in London in July for 12 weeks.

Leave the fish to Mother Nature’s care

People release baby fish into the Honghu Lake in eastern China every year to replenish its fish populations that have been depleted due to ecological problems.

A Sequel of Brotherhood of Blades to hit theatres on July 19

If you're a fan of China's martial arts, then you shouldn't miss the upcoming Brotherhood of Blades movie.

When you gotta dance, you gotta dance

Maybe it's a good idea though not to do it while three police officers are trying to detain you for riding an unregistered motorcycle. This guy in Haikou in Hainan certainly has the moves, but there are some situations you simply can’t dance your way out of.

J-15 fighter jets conduct landing practice on aircraft carrier Liaoning

A video released by China Central Television shows a J-15 "Flying Shark" taking off and landing from China's first aircraft carrier Liaoning.

New water-absorbing concrete to combat urban flooding

A video posted on the official Weibo account of the China Railway Construction Corporation shows CRCC staff testing a self-developed concrete in Laixiang, Jiangxi Province, July 8, 2017.


For all the Muslims, the celebration of Eid al-Fitr needs some special delicacy. A Hui table of fare will more than satisfy the choosiest gourmet.


At five in the morning, while many people still sleep, melodious chants of the Koran waft in the air.

Double Happiness

For all Chinese, family has the most special meaning. It can overcome all barriers connecting different complicated affections in a smart way.

Brothers: Uygur and Han

Morning on the second day of Eid al-Fitr, Uygur man Karim Turdi and his family are up early. His neighbors didn’t stop celebrating until late at night. Now, they are still sound asleep.  


As living standards improve, conditions for many ethnic groups have gradually progressed. However, people still love to show their affection for the ways of the past.


Regarding the pleasure of festivals, joy comes first. The way of celebration has never been the same. People meet to brainstorm and seek inspiration.

Happy union

The Eid ai-Fitr for the Uygurs is a joyful festival. Everyone gains much happiness from making their own contribution.

Children's play adapted from renowned author's book to open a theatre festival

Children's author Cao Wenxuan's award-winning novel "Goat Do Not Eat Heaven Grass" has recently been adapted for the stage. 

Video: Delivery driver becomes forced acrobat in accident

The internet in China is buzzing today about this video showing a dramatic accident, where a food delivery bike slams into a vehicle attempting to turn around at an intersection.

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