Closing the Gap - Do As They Do in Chengdu

China Plus Published: 2019-05-08 15:37:12
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Steynberg Prinsloo and Rebecca Horlick are studying at Sichuan University.

Steynberg Prinsloo is studying software engineering. He really appreciates living with his mom in China. He thinks China's opening up to the world offers a lot of opportunities for young people. His mother's big dream is to open bakeries across the country so that Chinese people can experience South African baking and cooking.

Rebecca Horlick came to China to join her fiancé who moved to Chengdu to teach English. They chose Sichuan University because its international tourism and hotel management course is the best fit for Rebecca. Her goal is to run her own wedding business in China.

The two families are working hard to do as the people do in Chengdu, and settle into life in the city.

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