Say hello to the Qatar Garden at the Beijing Expo

China Plus Published: 2019-07-06 21:55:16
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Of the international gardens at the International Horticultural Exhibition in Beijing, the Qatar Garden is one of the largest, tallest, and most popular. Spanning about 2,100 square meters, the Qatar Garden shows visitors innovative water-saving technologies for landscape design, agriculture, and venue construction from the Gulf country.

The garden is comprised of five circular pavilions supported by five Sidra trees. Sidra trees, which can survive in the desert, are a symbol of life for Qataris.

In order to offer visitors a glimpse into the real life of Qataris, Qatar build a replica "souq waqif" – a famous market and tourist attraction in Doha – inside the garden at the Beijing Expo, so visitors can experience of a traditional Qatari market and try on Qatari clothes.

On the top floor of the Qatar garden is a "Garden in the Air". Visitors can relax and enjoy the view of the whole Beijing Expo as peaceful Qatari music plays in the background.

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