One in a Billion - Museum Volunteer

China Plus Published: 2019-09-18 20:12:42
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Zhou Ya is 72 years old. As a museum volunteer for 17 years, she thinks that visiting the museum is a lifestyle choice. She says that by entering a museum, you are stepping into a Palace of Knowledge. Being a volunteer brings you the benefit of learning from real relics and original art works.

Influenced by Zhou Ya, many of museum visitors have become volunteers. Zuo Li, a volunteer at the China World Art Museum, was inspired by Ms. Zhou. Many museum visitors think that the guidance of a good volunteer is really important. Zhou Ya said, “We have these young volunteers who are doing an excellent job. I can finally retire and grow old gracefully. We need to foster a new generation of cultured people in China, to meet the world. Your starting point: the museum.”

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