One in a Billion - First Aid Educator

China Plus Published: 2019-09-18 21:34:50
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Jia Dacheng started working as a doctor at the Beijing Emergency Medical Center in 1983. He is the same age as the People’s Republic of China. He’s kept promoting first aid since 1985.

Jia has been giving public lectures about first aid for over 30 years. Public awareness is much better than it was decades ago, because more people take it seriously. The issue is promoted every day. Compared with the rest of the world, China is in a period of growing demand, as more and more young people urgently want to learn how to give first aid. Tian Kai is a volunteer who has known about Mr. Jia for a long time. In his own words, he said that he learned a lot from Jia through the internet and online videos. Tian wanted to know Jia and became his student. People learn first aid so that everybody can get help. Jia Dacheng dreams of opening a first aid medical school to train different levels of emergency responders for the rest of his life.

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