One in a Billion - Psychological Health Volunteer

China Plus Published: 2019-09-19 17:48:00
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Liu Fengqin has been a psychological health volunteer since 1998. Some of her work is with the elderly and some with children. She’s handled nearly 600 cases. The job brings her much joy and feelings of gratitude. She says she’s been helping herself rather than supporting others.

The young generation in China is more willing to accept new things. Especially in recent years, when people come across a problem, they will come to consultants to get help.

Liu has this strong feeling that one person's power is limited, but social demands are increasing. So she started building teams with over sixty interns. They often offer psychological guidance for the elderly in nursing homes and organize family activities in communities to improve interaction with children.

Liu says she will continue to provide people with psychological help.

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