Tune: Charm of a Maiden Singer -- Memories of the Past at Red Cliff

China Plus Published: 2018-05-08 13:01:52
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The endless river eastward flows;

With its huge waves are gone all those 

Gallant heroes of bygone years.

West of the ancient fortress appears

Red Cliff where General Zhou Yu won his early fame,

When the Three Kingdoms were in flame.

Jugged rocks tower in the air

And swashing waves beat on the shore,

Rolling up a thousand heaps of snow.

To match the hills and the river so fair,

How many heroes brave of yore

Had made a great show!

I fancy General Zhou Yu at the height

Of his success, with a plume fan in the hand,

In a silk hood, so brave and bright,

Laughing and jesting with his bride so fair,

While enemy ships were destroyed as planned

Like shadowy castles in the air.

Should their souls revisit this land,

Sentimental, his bride would laugh to say:

Younger than they, I have my hair turned grey.

Life is but like a passing dream.

O Moon, I drink to you who saw them on the stream.

By Su Shi

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