Tune: Charm of a Maiden Singer -- Mount Kunlun

China Plus Published: 2018-05-10 12:26:41
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Above the earth, across the blue,

Monster Kunlun in white,

You have feasted your eye on the world’s fairest view.

Like three million white jade dragons in flight,

You have chilled the sky through.

When summer melts your snow

And rivers overflow,

For fish and turtles men would become food.

But who has ever judged if you

Have done for ages more ill than good?

Kunlun, I tell you now:

You need not be so high,

Nor need you so much snow.

Could I but lean against the sky

And draw my sword to cut you into three!

I would give to Europe your crest

And to America your breast

And leave in the Orient the rest.

In a peaceful world young and old

Might share alike your warmth and cold!

By Mao Zedong

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