“Long-skirt-sister” saves a 4-year-old boy’s life

Bai Kejia China Plus Published: 2017-07-22 18:40:38
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A four-year-old boy and two elders on a motorbike were hit by a bus in Hunan Province recently. The boy was seriously injured.

A young woman with a long skirt and high heels on noticed and ran to the boy without any hesitation. She took the boy to the hospital with her own car and paid for him. Then she left without a word.

The boy’s father, Mr. Huang, finally found the woman, helped by web users. The woman later visited the boy but refused to accept any money back.

The woman is nicknamed “long skirt sister” in China now, and it has been revealed that she used to work at a hospital, and currently sponsors other needy children so that they may attend school. A true hero.

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