Xi's mobilizing order for the rule of law

China Plus Published: 2017-08-25 20:17:18
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As emphasized during the 18th CPC National Congress, the rule of law is the fundamental principle of governing the country by the people under the Party's leadership, as well as the basic method for China' governance. Importance should be attached to the major role that the rule of law plays in China's governance and social administration to promote the rule of law in an all-round manner and accelerate the building of a socialist country under the rule of law.

The development of human society has proved that the rule of law is the most reliable and stable means of governance. Efforts should be made to govern in light of the thinking and means of the rule of law.

History is the best teacher, experience and lessons have made our Party profoundly realize that the rule of law is an indispensable means of governing the country. When the rule of law is upheld, a country is prosperous. When the rule of law is weakened, a country is in chaos. When the rule of law is valued and established, a country prospers and people enjoy peace. When the rule of law is ignored and enforced laxly, a country is chaotic with people complaining.

Now let's vote. Those members of the Central Committee, who consent, please raise hands.

"The Decision" was adopted unanimously. Therefore, governing the country on the basis of the rule of law was included in the "Four-Pronged Comprehensives Strategy", forming part of a strategic layout that also calls for deepening reform and enforcing strict Party discipline to achieve the strategic goal of comprehensively building a moderately prosperous society.

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