Xi Jinping: Plan for future generations and long-term development

China Plus Published: 2017-08-30 19:53:31
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Situated in the Eastern world and under the rule of law, China is forging ahead with a great surging force. This great force comes from the CPC Central Committee with Xi Jinping as the core that shows great foresight and a broad strategic vision and bravely stands at the forefront of fulfilling a historical mission.

"Appreciate your hard work, comrades."

"Serve the people."

Our Party is putting power into the "cage" of the rule of law. All such matters as reform and development, stability, internal affairs, foreign affairs, national defense, running the Party, governing the country, and running the armed forces should fall within the framework of the rule of law that also serves as the basis for policy implementation and a guarantee.

"Appreciate your hard work, comrades."

"Serve the people."

The rule of law is an achievement of modern human civilization, and the crystallization of modern social governance experience. In an extra-large developing country like China, building the socialist legal system is a well-deserved feat in the history of human civilization. We draw on the wisdom of world civilization, with an inclusive mind. We proceed from China's realities and blaze a trail for the rule of law that leads the way to future development. We will surely provide China's experience and contribute China's strength to the development of the rule of law civilization for mankind.

"Our major intention for advancing the all-round law-based governance of the country and unswervingly enforcing the rule of law is to plan for future generations and for the long-term development."

Looking ahead, the Chinese people under the strong leadership of the Party Central Committee with Xi Jinping as the core will continually write new chapters about the building of a socialist country based on the rule of law.

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