Ecological farming in birthplace of China's rural reform

China Plus Published: 2018-09-30 21:56:47
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Flocks of ducks swim happily in a pond among swathes of rice fields in Xiaogang village, the birthplace of China's rural reform. This is part of an ecological farming project carried out in 68 mu or 4.5 hectares' farmland in the village by researchers from Anhui University of Science and Technology since 2016. They have trained the farmers to raise ducks, shrimps and crabs among the paddy fields through ecological farming. Ducks, shrimps and crabs could eat grass and get rid of the insects among the fields, thus reducing the use of herbicides and pesticides.

In addition, rice could be harvested more than once in one season, bringing an increase of 2,000 yuan per mu to the farmers. The local government of Xiaogang village is promoting the practice to 4,300 mu or 286 hectares farmland.

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