Craft beer from Down Under: Cheers!

China Plus Published: 2018-10-26 18:01:26
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In spite of falling per capita beer consumption, craft beer sales in Australia have increased, reaching rates of 10% growth each year and also being estimated to achieve $5.1 billion in manufacturing by 2018-2019. Its popularity is so big that the craft beer industry has now set its goals overseas, and China plays a major role in these plans. Being one of the major importers of beer in the world, China is a market that allows local breweries from around Australia to grow exponentially.

Temple Brewing, located in Melbourne, is a craft beer company that has no more than 11 employees. But their exports to China allow them to foresee 40% growth this year. They now export around a 10% of their 2 million liters in production per year, boosting the company to new horizons and introducing a distinctive and genuine flavor within China's beer market.

(China Plus freelancer Ulises Izquierdo in Melbourne contributed to this video.)

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