Expats in Luoyang (2)-Rewarding teaching experiences

Wang Longyin China Plus Published: 2018-11-26 14:36:16
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With the implementation of the Opening and Reform policy, China is embracing the world. Chinese parents are hoping their kids can learn English, a "global language," from an early age.

Some private kindergartens have also hired foreign teachers and upgraded their curricula to cater to such needs.

Grace and Shenie, two English teachers from the Philippines, found their calling teaching in Luoyang.

With a great love for their kindergarten students and a passion to mold young minds, their enthusiasm in teaching has led them to a successful career here.

About Luoyang city

Luoyang (Luòyáng) located in the west of Henan province, is on the central plain of China.

It's a prefecture-level city, about two hours driving from the provincial capital of Zhengzhou to the east.

Luoyang was once the ancient capital of thirteen capitals and was considered as one of the cradles of Chinese civilization.

It is known as one of the Four Great Ancient Capitals of China, with the others being Xi'an, Nanjing and Beijing.

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