One Strip Noodle

China Plus Published: 2017-11-10 18:47:59
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One Strip Noodle, also called 'Birthday Noodle' or 'Noodle of Long Life', has a long history in the Sichuan region of China. 

'There is only one strip of noodle in the bowl, but also, only one strip in the pot.' This is the distinguishing feature of the One Strip Noodle. It takes 10 procedures and more than 10 hours to make just one dish.

The right way to cook One Strip Noodle: The noodle chef will pinch one end of the strip and hurl it from a distance into the boiling pot. The noodle strip will slither into the pot like a dragon's tail. It's marvelous to watch! The noodle itself tastes delicious, just as it is without any seasoning.

In China, the One Strip Noodle is traditionally eaten to celebrate a birthday because of its metaphorical meaning: long life and wellbeing.

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