Beijing Capital International Airport

China Plus Published: 2017-10-19 17:42:06
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In 2016, Beijing Capital International Airport handled over 90 million passenger trips, making it the second busiest in the world. The airport sees flights to over 129 international and 140 domestic destinations. On average, over 1.6 thousand flights take place each day. During 2016, there were a staggering 606 thousand flights.

Terminal 3 is a complex of boldness and lucidity. The 155 windows shaped like “dragon scales” on the roof, not only add to the magnificence of the building overall, but were the first time a domestic airport used daylight to help cut the costs of lighting.

The people movers at Beijing Capital International Airport has a total combined length of 2080 meters, is completely automated, and carries 4,100 passengers each hour.

Ground transportation is fast and convenient, with 17 airport shuttles covering the city of Beijing, 7 connecting to neighboring cities at provincial level, and a subway system linking the airport to downtown Beijing taking just 20 minutes.

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