The Archers

China Plus Published: 2017-11-07 19:38:13
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The Xibe ethnic group have a tradition of archery stretching back before the 16th century, when they lived a nomadic life on the grasslands of northern China, through the mid- 18th century when they resettled in the west to fortify the border under orders from the Qing emperor.

Historical records described that the Xibe ancestors “can ride a goat while drawing the bow to shoot the birds, from when they are young."

“One horse, three arrows” is the highest goal of a Xibe archer. It means that an accomplished archer can shoot three arrows that hit the bullseye while riding on a galloping horse 100 meters away.

For the Xibe, archery is a practice involving the heart and mind, a testament to one’s morality and temperament. In the old times, it was said that they “examined their moral character by viewing their archery skills."

Today the Xibe people still preserve their tradition of archery.

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