Teenage masters

China Plus Published: 2017-11-25 12:56:22
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An ordinary farmyard in Wuqiao County, bustling with noise and excitement, but these are no ordinary children. These kids are playing with fire - literally. Just 10 years old they climb up high, stand upside down, and 'Dance with Meteors.' They have already mastered amazing skills. 

Wuqiao is famed as the home of Chinese acrobatics. There's a saying locally: From the oldest to the youngest, everyone takes a turn. Encouraged by their parents, the children of Wuqiao practice acrobatics in their spare time after school. 'Dancing with Meteors,' supporting a huge vat, and using a jumping rope on a unicycle etc., they've already acquired the basic skills at an early age.

'Dancing with Meteors' is a traditional part of Chinese acrobatics. The theory of centripetal force, where objects are thrown towards a central point, is vital to this performance: two bowls filled with water, or set alight, are tied together with a chain. The acrobat then juggles them in the air like shooting stars. 'Dancing with Meteors' is a demonstration not only of strength and beauty, but also speed and technique.

Wuqiao Acrobatic skills have been handed down through the generations as a unique traditional culture. For almost 200 years, the acrobatic skills of Wuqiao have been spread to over 140 nations and regions of the world.

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