Traditional Chinese Feet Juggling

China Plus Published: 2017-11-26 20:32:03
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Meet Guo Shuyan, the ‘wonder woman’ of the Wuqiao Acrobatic Troupe, who can support a huge vat weighing more than 150kg using just her feet, plus two kids sitting on top! What’s even more amazing is the way she can spin the vat effortlessly, 360 degrees!

Guo is an expert acrobat. She comes from Wuqiao, famed as the home of Chinese acrobatics. Juggling objects using her feet is her speciality.

Feet juggling is a traditional feature of Chinese acrobatics. The performer lies on a bench and juggles a variety of objects using just their feet. The props vary from delicate porcelain vats to heavy wooden square tables big enough for eight people. They all end up spinning in the air thanks to the acrobat’s stunning skill.

In December 2012, Guo Shuyan was inscribed in the Guinness World Record book for ‘sustaining the heaviest object with the feet,’ lifting a staggering 365kg. It’s a skill that needs immense professional training, so please don't try this at home.

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