"Chinese Beverly Hills" in Los Angeles

China Plus Published: 2019-08-08 12:39:35
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Welcome to the "Chinese Beverly Hills".

At least, that's how Monterey Park was marketed overseas to affluent Chinese residents in the 1970s.

It's just one of 47 neighborhoods in the San Gabriel Valley, located just east of Downtown Los Angeles and Chinatown.

In the latest U.S. census from 2010, of the over 60, 000 residents in Monterey Park, 69.9% are Asian and specifically, 47% are Chinese.

The figures are similar for many of the neighborhoods in the valley, where eight of the top ten most-Chinese populated cities in the U.S. are located.

In 1983, Lily Lee Chen became mayor of Monterey Park, becoming the first Chinese American woman to be elected mayor of a U.S. city.

And still, the San Gabriel Valley continues to grow.

With its multi-million-dollar mansion homes, predominantly Chinese restaurants and businesses, and more new Chinese residents trying to fulfill their American dreams, this is one huaqiao, or overseas Chinese hub, that won't be stopping its expansion anytime soon.


Video by Cindy Martin based in Los Angeles, the United States.

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