My China Story -- Food becomes vehicle to teach people about myriad Chinese culture

China Plus Published: 2019-08-13 11:12:49
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The San Gabriel Valley has become a foodie mecca for the world's top Chinese food.

Chinese communities dotting the 42 neighborhoods of the Los Angeles suburban area brought with them, not only their incredible culture but also, their remarkable food.

Food from almost every region of China is represented here: Mandarin, Cantonese, Sichuan, Xi'an, Fujian, Hainan, Chengdu, Chongqing, and the list goes on.

This, mixed with food from other Asian countries, makes the 200 square mile area a go-to destination for your taste buds.

Initial offerings for Chinese-Americans growing up included staples like chow mein, egg foo young and sweet and sour everything but with big names like Chengdu Taste and Din Tai Fung come big flavors. Mix this with old school dim sum places like Elite and Lunasia and the valley is a welcome assault on the senses.


Video by Cindy Martin based in Los Angeles, the United States.

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