China Plus Reports

China and Vietnam agree to promote maritime cooperation in various forms

Top leaders from China and Vietnam have agreed to a new set of principles connected to maritime disputes in the South China Sea.

Chinese investment and projects facilitate bilateral trade in Vietnam

A number of new and soon-to-be-completed infrastructure projects, along with Chinese investment, in Vietnam have brought development opportunities to the country and bilateral trade.

APEC Summit successful in boosting regional integration: Chinese official

A senior Chinese official says the now concluded APEC Economic Leaders' Meeting was a success in creating a more open regional development environment .

Attendees of APEC Leaders' Week laud Xi's keynote speech

A number of attendees of the APEC Leaders' Week say the messages conveyed in Chinese President Xi Jinping's keynote speech at the CEO summit reflect the trend of the times and the practical needs of the business community.

President Xi to visit Vietnam, Laos

The Chinese Foreign Ministry has announced that President Xi Jinping will attend the 25th APEC Economic Leader' Meeting in Vietnam on November 10th and 11th. 

Stephen Orlins: Belt and Road Initiative a Win for the World

Stephen Orlins, President of the National Committee on US-China Relation, says that the world obtains a clearer vision of the Belt and Road Initiative through the Forum.

Belt and Road Initiative: a symphony by all relevant parties

China's Ambassador to the UN has said that the Belt and Road Initiative is not China's alone, but a coordinated effort among all of the countries involved.

UN chief: Belt and Road Initiative China's new vision to global development

The UN Secretary-General says the Belt and Road Initiative is a demonstration of new vision that China has brought to global development, and it could help address global problems and enhance international cooperation.