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China Plus Updated: 2017-02-16 18:09:13
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China Plus

China Plus is CRI's overseas all-in-one English-language media brand, combining such entities as the China Plus app and website, China Plus Radio and China Plus News (Facebook & Twitter). China Plus provides audio, video, photo and print media as part of its extensive product range.

The China Plus app has been launched on both iOS and Android platforms. Focusing on the Middle Kingdom, the China Plus app and website brings you the latest news, up-to-minute reports, live-streaming radio, trending videos, Chinese lessons… -- and more from both inside and outside the country. 

China Plus Radio is CRI's English-language broadcasting platform which provides global audiences with news, reports and feature programs with a distinctive Chinese flavor and an international perspective. It also provides its global audience with various music programs and Chinese-language learning programs.

China Plus Radio' programs can be heard not only via shortwave, but also on many local AM and FM radio stations globally, including stations in Washington D.C., Toronto, London, Canberra, Nairobi, Colombo and many others.

China Plus News (Facebook) is a place for you to open your eyes to the real China -- everything China-related from a Chinese perspective, its news, its people, its traditions, culture, politics and more. The page has already attracted 6 million followers and counting from all over the world.

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