Carl Gene Fordham

China Plus Published: 2018-10-15 17:44:36
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[Photo:courtesy of Carl Gene Fordham]

[Photo:courtesy of Carl Gene Fordham]

Carl Gene Fordham is a doctoral candidate at Peking University and a Ph.D. recipient of the Confucius Institute's China Fellowship - that is part of the institute's New Sinology Program. Even with 20 PLUS years of learning Mandarin, this Australian national still feels like he hasn't gotten it quite yet. A NAATI-accredited Chinese-English translator, Carl also has over eight years' experience in professional translation under his belt, mainly in the Australian legal, business and immigration domains. He has been a learner of Chinese language since primary school. On the sidelines he runs the popular blog, a blog that is of course about Chinese-English translation. In this episode of the program, he helps Nillah Nyakoa understand the world of translating and interpreting.

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