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Consumers First, or America First?

The UK’s decision to go with Huawei in its rollout of 5G network is a wise move in line with the interests of the UK people.

Iraq continues to suffer from the hangover of 2003 invasion

Iraq's ongoing protests are a sign that Iraqis, after suffering years of chaos and economic woes in the aftermath of 2003 invasion, are increasingly fed up with the system imposed by the United States.

China to maintain development momentum towards an open world economy

Chinese President Xi Jinping’s keynote message to the Understanding China Conference held over the weekend in Guangzhou has sent out a signal that the country is aiming to add continuous momentum to the development of an open global economy.

Respect for differences the key to reaching China-U.S. trade deal

This week's phone talks between the Chinese and U.S. trade negotiators show their willingness to address each other's core concerns. The key to maintaining this momentum lies in whether both sides can cooperate and rationally manage their differences.

Prejudice needs to be abandoned for real conversation and cooperation

U.S. Vice President Mike Pence’s major policy speech on China repeats groundless accusations against Beijing while sending out a signal for dialogue and cooperation. As bilateral trade talks reach a critical moment, more efforts based on mutual respect are needed for a deal that’s beneficial to all.

Cuts to red tape make China a leader in business environment reform

Cuts to red tape have helped China become one of the world's top 10 performers in terms of having an improving business environment. Thanks to these improvements, China is expected to generate even better opportunities for global investors.

Xiangshan Forum's prescription for world peace

Chinese President Xi Jinping's proposals on how to deal with complicated security threats meet the common demands of all countries for peace, development and cooperation. They are an important legacy from this year's Xianghsan Forum.

China tackles the challenges of fostering a booming digital economy

The digital economy has become a new force driving China's growth. But more effort is needed to counter the challenges that are emerging as the country switches gears to a higher level of development.

Ron Vara was ‘made up’ by Navarro: Peter’s ‘whimsical’ invention is a step too far

Peter Navarro has shrugged off his fabrication of a so-called authority figure on China as an “inside joke”, but this sinister creation is far from funny.

Double standards on Hong Kong and Catalonia will backfire

Contrary to their vocal support for violent acts in Hong Kong, western countries have chosen to stay silent on the ongoing pro-independence protests in Catalonia. Their double standards on these situations will be to their own detriment. 

With higher quality development, China fears no headwinds

China's economy fared reasonably well in the first three quarters of this year despite a slew of international challenges. 

Brexit still a step away from being a done deal

Despite a last-minute deal reached between the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and the European Union leadership, it's uncertain whether the Brexiteers will have the last laugh.

China's financial market opening signals confidence and strength

China's move to further open up its financial markets provides concrete evidence that Beijing has confidence and determination to fulfill its promises.

Washington's Hong Kong act will have a boomerang effect

If Washington's Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act becomes law, it will not only harm Hong Kong's stability and prosperity but also the interests of the United States itself. 

China remains a positive force in maintaining global food security

China's white paper on food security provides substantive evidence that the country has been and will continue to be a positive force for maintaining global food security.

China and the U.S. are finding practical solutions to trade issues

There's an opportunity for the bilateral relationship between China and the United States to get back on the right track now that both countries are on the same page about how they should resolve their trade disputes. 

China’s foreign trade offers stability to world economy

China's foreign trade has kept up the momentum for stable growth in the first three quarters of this year, proving a major stabilizer of the global economy.

Sino-Nepali relations in a new era for common prosperity

President Xi Jinping’s state visit to Nepal, the first visit by a Chinese president in more than twenty years, heralds a new era for bilateral relations.

China, India plan development and rejuvenation with strategic thinking

The fruitful informal meeting between Chinese President Xi Jinping and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi paves the way for mutually beneficial development, and the rejuvenation of the two civilizations.

Let patience and a practical approach prevail in China-U.S. trade talks

China and the United States have achieved substantial progress in their latest round of trade consultations. This is the result of using a practical and incremental approach. Future talks will still require a practical attitude to realize further benefits. 

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