This short documentary series sketches out the spiritual pursuits of the strivers in the New Era, showing the changes to the values of the Chinese people during their life and career.

Changing Tastes
This series shows how the teaching and appreciation of art and design, including fashion and installation arts, has changed in China.
Aesthetics Educator: Xu Juan Aesthetics Educator: Xu Juan
“People are pursuing spiritual fulfillment on an increasingly high level as the country becomes more prosperous.”
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Fashion Designer: Guo Pei Fashion Designer: Guo Pei
“Over the past five years, we’ve gained cultural confidence. We’ve realized that our traditional culture is full of beauty, and we’ve become stronger and more confident. Our aesthetics has been evolving as well.”
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Installation Artist: Zuo Fengyi Installation Artist: Zuo Fengyi
“The new era is coming. The People’s Republic of China is 70 years old. The lives of Chinese people have changed dramatically. So have our aesthetics.”
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Chroniclers of the Times
The second series illustrates some of the ways that China has changed in the New Era in the eyes of three people: a documentary director, a stamp designer, and an American writer.
Documentary Director: Zhang Tongdao Documentary Director: Zhang Tongdao
“Documentaries are definitely the best tool to record the times. Nothing is better than a documentary at recording what a certain period of time looks like.”
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Stamp Designer and Sculptor: Dong Qi Stamp Designer and Sculptor: Dong Qi
“China’s stamps are like national business cards in the form of inch-square chronicles. They illustrate the country’s brilliant achievements and cultural confidence since the People’s Republic of China was founded 70 years ago.”
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Falling for China: Bill Brown Falling for China: Bill Brown
“The past 70 years has achieved this kind of economic success, purely through peaceful means. So it's amazing what China has done. Congratulations that China's reached 70 years because that's quite a milestone for a country.”
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Volunteering Enthusiasm
This series shares with the viewers the enthusiasm of volunteers who are giving back to their communities by using their unique talents to help others.
Museum Volunteer: Zhou Ya Museum Volunteer: Zhou Ya
“We can't say that any single person can represent a country. But we need to foster a new generation of cultured people in China to meet the world. Your starting point: the museum.”
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First Aid Educator: Jia Dacheng First Aid Educator: Jia Dacheng
“My two favourite things in life are saving people and teaching others how to save people. People learn first aid so that everybody can get help.”
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Psychological Health Volunteer: Liu Fengqin Psychological Health Volunteer: Liu Fengqin
“I've been doing this for 28 years. I have been responsible for nearly 600 cases. I think the job is full of joy and gratitude. Rather than me helping and supporting others, I would say I'm helping myself. I feel I'm living a happy life.”
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Green Gurus
This series tells stories about people who practice innovation in environmental protection and are building a greener China.
Green Commuting: Liu Daizhong Green Commuting: Liu Daizhong
“For me, green commuting means eco-friendly traveling with less exploitation of the land and less damage to the environment. It creates an environment suitable for people to commute.”
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Toilet Revolution: Wu Hao Toilet Revolution: Wu Hao
“We ensured everyone had a hygienic and comfortable toilet, and we tried our best to avoid using or wasting waater. We’ve turned a sanitary toilet into an eco-friendly toilet.”
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Regreening China: Lin Kuocheng Regreening China: Lin Kuocheng
“General Secretary Xi Jinping stated the notion that lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets. By 2015, on some 2,600 hectares of degraded land, we managed to plant close to 3 million trees and helped to comprehensively repair the region's biodiversity.”
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Family Changes
Changes to the lives of people in both rural and urban areas are shown in this series on how family life has improved in China in the New Era.
A Family of Sportspeople: Wang Changlin A Family of Sportspeople: Wang Changlin
“Since the reform and opening-up, my family has gone through big changes. My employer gave me an apartment as a reward in 1993 for my contribution to the athletes at the Olympics. Now I live in an apartment that’s more than 300 square meters. I feel quite satisfied.”
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Caring for the Future: Li Lailai Caring for the Future: Li Lailai
“Everything we consume will eventually become trash if we fail to be aware of recycling them. It’s important for seniors to take part in public welfare activities, especially those focusing on environmental protection. They can add value.”
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A Family Rising out: Lv Yupan A Family Rising out: Lv Yupan
“The new village was built in 2008. Our production team built a residential community. Each family has an apartment. Our apartment is around 90 square meters. We grow the fruits and vegetables in our own courtyard. Life used to be bitterly hard, but now, where there was bitterness, there’s sweetness.”
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